New site, new 1CRM prices

Posted on 17/10/14 under 1CRM

We’ve been meaning to get to this for ages, and it’s finally here. Thanks to our friends at Vektor, we have a shiny new web site.

Part of the reason for the overhaul is a radical restructuring of 1CRM pricing. Previously 1CRM was sold as a perpetual, lifetime license (with a relatively large up-front cost), and then you could choose to pay for support and updates on an annual basis. We also charged for our hosting services on top of licensing fees. We can now offer 1CRM on a much simpler all-inclusive subscription basis. This ranges from zero cost (if you choose to host your own copy of the Startup edition), through to the fully-featured Enterprise edition. There are four prices for each edition depending on whether you want us to host it (“cloud”) or you want to host it yourself (“on-premise”), and whether you want to pay monthly, or go for a hefty discount and pay annually. Of course our site can give you full details on editions and pricing. These changes make it easier to compare prices with our competition, and of course to be amazed at what what a great deal we offer! We are also simplifying our payment system by handling direct debit payments with GoCardless, which is much simpler and more reliable than credit card.

Anyway, we hope you like the new site – let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see covered.

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