Upgrading 1CRM portal 4.0

Posted on 22/05/14 under 1CRM

If you’ve installed the 1CRM portal version 4, you may have noticed that there are no new docs to go with it yet, though it does have much in common with the earlier 3.6 release. The portal was updated to version 4.0-20140210 with the release of 1CRM 7.5.6 and includes several small bug fixes, but there’s no obvious way to update it if you’re already running an earlier version of 4.0, in particular version 4.0-20131221. Fortunately the changes are small, so I built a patch to make those changes without the risks involved in a fresh install or copying over the top.

First of all you should make a backup (here I’ve used rsync); beyond that it’s pretty simple to use: log into your server and move to your portal install directory, then download and apply the patch, something like this (substituting your install paths as appropriate):

rsync -av /var/www/1crm/portal/ /var/www/1crm/portal_bak/
cd /var/www/1crm/portal
wget http://www.syniah.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/portal-4.0-20140210.patch
patch -p1 < portal-4.0-20140210.patch

This only takes a couple of seconds and you should see output like this:

patching file administrator/components/com_iahportal/include/JsonClient.php
patching file administrator/components/com_iahportal/include/nusoap/nusoap.php
patching file administrator/components/com_iahportal/ps_iah_sync.php
patching file plugins/system/iahportal/iahportal.php
patching file templates/beez_20/css/position.css

The patch omits two changes: one gif file has been updated for new 1CRM branding – I omitted that because standard diff/patch tools don’t support binary files, but you can just copy the new version of images/joomla_black.gif into place manually. The other omitted change is part of the installer, which will have been deleted in an existing installation, and it only changes the default description of your site, which you’ve probably changed anyway.

In case you need to make your own patch, here’s the command I used:

diff -ur -x *.gif -x joomla.sql 1CRMportal-4.0-Installa/ 1CRMportal-4.0-Installb/ > portal-4.0-20140210.patch

Happy hacking!

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