1CRM XeroSync Module


Xero is an increasingly popular choice for online accounting. This 1CRM plugin enables straightforward integration between Xero and 1CRM. Once configured, it keeps the most important accounting entities in both systems in sync. Because the two systems have considerable overlap, most of the integration is invisible - you just do what you would normally do on each system, and the changes appear on the other. The integration synchronises Accounts, Invoices, Bills, and Payments, with additional features in Tax Codes and Product Category modules. There's support for multiple currencies (it's standard in 1CRM), but in order to use it your Xero account must also support multi-currency, which their base-level service does not. It's all driven from the 1CRM end, so updates in 1CRM are pushed to Xero immediately, and changes in Xero are synced via the scheduler. Each linked entity in 1CRM provides a link to its corresponding record in Xero, so it's simple to move between systems: Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 15.30.56 The connection between Xero and 1CRM makes use of strong encryption so you can be sure that your data is protected in transit and is safe from forgery and tampering, but we also recommend you make use of our secure hosting option to improve security all around. The 1CRM Xero Accounting Integration is entirely developed and supported by Synchromedia Limited, 1CRM's UK partner since 2006.